MX Aircraft Kits

You can purchase your own MXS or MX2 Aircraft in a kit form. Take your time and build your aircraft how you want. Your kit includes:

  • Airframe Assembly including cowling (wing, fuselage, and all control surfaces closed out).
  • All surfaces will have been pre-hung and aligned, ready for final trim.
  • Canopy acrylic bonded to canopy frame with latch installed.
  • Upper fairings bonded to fuselage.
  • Fiberglass floor stock, floor mounting rails, fiberglass wheel pants, front and rear throttle handle mounts, trim motor mount, misc. fiberglass flat panel, misc. fiberglass ā€œLā€ bracket material and carbon fibre spade plate material with hard points installed.
  • Complete control system including: Elevator and aileron pushrod, all pushrod ends, torque tube, spade arms, all required rod end and torque tube bearings, front and rear control sticks.
  • Complete set of CNC aluminium hinges, receivers, landing gear mounts and braces and all required bearings.
  • All idlers, actuators, bell cranks, and control arms, and required bearings.
  • Complete rudder control system including: rudder pedals, pivot tubes, anti-roll tubes, slide tubes, rudder pedal hangers, return spring brackets, return springs, push pins, cables, pulleys, and all required bushings blocks and bushings.
  • Engine mount.
  • Grove landing gear.
  • Tail spring and tail wheel mounting block.
  • Throttle handles, wing tie downs, Pitot tube mount and assy., fuel caps, step and step rib, canopy strap.
  • Necessary hardware including washers and locknuts: engine mount to firewall bolts, main spar and rear spar bolts, landing gear bolts.